We, Nguyet Minh 2 Trading Services Environment Co., Ltd always exert ourseleves to excel in both production and environmental activities. Our main objective is to achieve production efficiency while protecting the environment.


    By complying with the Government Environmental Regulation, we aim to  provide our valued customers with best materials while managing impacts on the surrounding environment. Hence, we are committed to our below environmental policy, which shows our strong will to contribute to the society:

    Maintaining high level of specialization & automation, especially in the field of processing and recycling scrap metal. Continuing to upgrade the recycling systems in order to minimize impacts on the environment.

       Raising awareness among our staffs on the importance of protecting the environment by carrying out training program on updated Goverment Environmental Regulations and Legislations


     We are continuing to develop and update our policy to build a sustainable leading company.  In 2014, Nguyet Minh 2 honourly received ISO 14001:2004 certificate as a recognition for our contribution to society and the environment.